Register your crew!!

Please read below before registering your....

Initially, only the Conductor needs to register to get a spot in the run. You will need your crew name (remember, use train lingo) but not your estimated finish time. You will be asked to e-mail your estimated finish time once you get your crews rosters set. In the registration process, the conductor pays the entire race fee and it's the conductor's responsibility to collect entry fees from the runners on their crew.

Registration process:

  1. Have crew name and credit card ready (the conductor pays the entire fee)
  2. Click on the "Register Now" button above.
  3. Create your team under the proper category, "Wrecking (6 runners)" or "Yard (6 to 12 runners)."
  4. Set password for your crew. Other crew members will need this to register under your crew name.
  5. Enter your information.
  6. Enter any crew members at this time (you don't need your entire crew).
  7. You have the choice to add or invite runners to join.
  8. When complete, checkout to finalize your registration. If you don't checkout, your team is not registered.
  9. Your confirmation e-mail will be your ticket to ride, so to speak. This e-mail will give you the link to return to the site to manage you team. You can also e-mail all you runners from this site too.

The wrecking crew and yard crews will pay a flat rate for their crew no matter how many runners are on the crew.

The entry fees are as follows:

Deadline for entry Until March 31 Until April 30 Until May 31 Until June 30
Yard Crew $840 $960 $1080 $1200
Wrecking Crew $420 $480 $540 $600

Deadline to register your crew is June 30, 2011. We are limiting the number of crews to 50. Don't wait to register and be left out of all the fun!

Finish time submission deadline June 30, 2012

We will need to know the estimated finish time of your crew by June 30. When your final roster is set, estimate what the finish time for your crew. Be as close as possible. If you exceed your estimated time by too much, we mat not have volunteers at those switches and you'll have to wait for the race official to continue your run (see Conductor Manual for more details).