Lena - The Gateway Relay

Not sure about an overnight relay? Try the Lena 50 Mile Relay–the gateway to overnight relays!

Staurday, August 10 2019

Leave Big Rapids on  Saturday morning and finish to enjoy the Fred Running Relays Buzzard Roost feast!

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Build a 4-5 person one vehicle relay! 10 legs over 50 Miles on the White Pine Trail!

The Lena 50 Mile Relay is designed for 4 to 5 runner crews splitting 10 spurs along the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail. The race starts in Big Rapids at 7AM and  heads to Belmont.  Split the spurs up among your crew as you see fit. Look for more details as we mover forward. At this point all rules that apply to the Fred and Ed will apply to the Lena. Teams will get a race shirt and finisher medal.

The Fred Running Relays are “railroad” themed so refer to the lingo sheet to design a creative name for you crew. You can have 4 – 6 people on your crew…it’s up to you!

Run the Lena

Run the Lena

Lena on me....when you don't run long...I'll be your race...