The Fred 200/100 Mile Running Relays

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail  --  August 5-6, 2016

Overnight Relay beginning in Belmont, MI

August 5-6, 2016      Registration Closed

Go to the Roster Page to see who is on your crew!!.

The Fred 200 Mile Relay includes 36 "spurs" or legs, each ranging from 2 to 9.5 miles in distance, spanning the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail from Comstock Park to Cadillac. The trail if 60% paved, 40% dirt and is flat and fast!!

The Ed 100 Mile relay includes 18 "spurs" or legs, running along the return trip of The Fred Relay beginning in Cadillac and finishing in Comstock Park.  

Four types of teams or "crews" can enter:

  • For the Fred, an ultra crew called a "Wrecking Crew" having 6 members OR a standard crew called "Yard Crew" of 7 to 12 members. At The Fred, your crew decides how many spurs each runner will run and in what order. Crew start times are based on the average pace starting on Friday morning and continuing none-stop until they finish!
  • For the Ed, a standard crew called a "Grunt Crew" having 6 members OR a ultra crew called a "Cinder Crew" having 3 members. These crews will start their adventure in Cadillac between 10pm Friday, August 5th and 1am Saturday, August 6th depending on the predicted pace times.

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